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Newest Litter

Merle, chocolate, black tan litter

Price: $2500 to $3500

Date of Birth: 10-12-2022

Pickup Date: 12-20-2022

Available for Pickup in Pinckney, MI

No restrictions

Current vaccinations

Health Certificate

Veterinarian examination



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Happy Buyers Reviews

Once we contacted Vitalii in reference to the puppy we were interested in, any stress of finding the right puppy and breeder for us, was gone. He was very forthcoming with information, and always answered any questions we had in a timely and professional manner. We also appreciated that there was no pressure on us. (which puppy we should take, scheduling visits, etc.)

As exciting as it is to add a member to your family, it can also be stressful if you have a difficult breeder, and it was a very smooth experience. You can always tell a lot about a breeder with what kind of environment the pups are kept in. They weren’t just in a box stepping all over each others waste, food, etc. Everything in Vitalii and Nadia’s area for the pups was neat, clean and organized. The puppies had their own crate to sleep in together, and a separate area for puppy pads, and enough space to play as well.

What stood out to us was how attached Nadia was to each and every one of the puppies, you can just tell how much time and energy her and Vitalii put into these puppies. The search for a quality Frenchie can be difficult, especially with the unfortunate scams out there.. Along with the price of this breed in general, you want to make sure everything is legitimate. With Vitalii and Nadia I have complete confidence that anyone purchasing a puppy from them won’t be disappointed.

Taking our Ellie to her first vet appointment was great. The vet did a complete exam on her, and said that we really got a quality dog. 100% healthy, all preliminary standard vet tests came back clean. She is everything the breed stands for: a hilarious lovebug. She really is an amazing addition to our family, and I’m so glad we got to meet her through Vitalii and Nadia!

~ Rachel Cosker    

We had been researching french bulldogs for awhile and decided that this is the type of dog that we wanted to be ours . we were very excited and started calling people that were advertising.

Our excitement started to dwindle when call/text after another were obviously scams. We were getting very discouraged. How will we know if we are going to get a good healthy dog. Well then Bryan spotted a picture of “Tony ” which we now call Pudge. We had wanted a male, fawn colored french bulldog, and there he was. We made the phone call and we’re quickly calmed by how responsive Vitalli was to all of our questions.

We drove the hour that night to meet Pudge and again were so happy to see how the puppies were cared for and even their attachment for them. They wanted a good home for their puppies. They were very upfront and knowledgeable about them. Vitalii and Nadia really made us feel safe in our decision. We left with Pudge, shot records,and information of him being chipped. His papers soon followed in the mail . We sent them a few pictures of Pudge that night and the next day so that they knew Pudge was safe and loved.

We are very grateful that Pudge is ours. He brings joy to our hearts and smiles to our face all day every day. He is very smart. It’s amazing how fast he learns things . I would recommend anyone who is looking for a beautiful, healthy frenchie to contact Vitalii and Nadia. They are not only going to be giving you a dog, but another addition to your family. Thank you thank you.

~ Bryan Hall and Betsi Quillan